Newborn & Kids

What an exciting time!

Here are a few things you should know:

The First 48

This is first 48 hours & usually takes place at the hospital or at home, depending on where you give birth. This should be a very short shoot, 20 – 30 min.

This is a good opportunity to capture the moment when older sibling get to meet the little one, or where grandparents get to hold the new addition for the first time.

Please just make sure, that the hospital does allow for photography.


So how do you know when to book? 

The best thing to do is to send me an email when you find out you are expecting, here we can discuss your preferences & due date.  I will need 2 to 3 weeks lead time, as this is how far I am generally booked in advance.

What comes next:

I personally love the 4-6 week mark & then the 3-4 month mark, but also photograph 1-3 weeks.  Then new one is a little more sleepy the first few weeks, but they also make for special memories.

As I do a more comfortable & relaxed lifestyle shoot, I prefer that you are interactive with your new bundle of joy, doing things you would every day.  These are the memories that I want to create for you.

I suggest that we do the shoot at your house, where baby and mommy are most comfortable, but I can also recommend other locations.

the 6-8 month mark is a very special time.  Here the little one can sit and crawl.  They have changed so much from the first shoot and it is a great time to capture those smiles and excitement.


The first birthday party:

What a special day! Here I capture friends and family celebrating this momentous occasion.

A few things to remember:

When shooting at your house, please don’t feel like you should clean like crazy, most things disappear into the background.

Older siblings are always welcome, throughout the shoot I will capture images of every member of the family, alone and with the new addition.

If the kids are sleeping when I arrive, don’t wake them up.  I put aside more than enough time to complete the shoot.

When it comes to feeding, don’t worry.  I can either step outside and give you come privacy or capture the moment if you are up for it.  It makes for great memories.

I am a very relaxed photographer who will work around you and make the whole process as easy as possible.  You can call to chat anytime.  I capture your daily lives, the things and moments that matter most.